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Search Engine Optimization : SEO BOOK.

Chapter 16

Ten-Plus Ways to keep Upto Date and Track Down the Details

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Current Wisdom
The technical editor on this book, Micah Baldwin, has tremendous experience in the SEO fields, and he is posting a bunch of "do it yourself" resources and links to such resources at this company's website, www., to help people carry out simple search engine optimization tasks themselves.

The Search Engines Themselves
One of the best ways to find information about the search engines is by using carefully crafted search terms at the search engines themselves. Say you want to find detailed information about dealing with session IDs, you could go to Google and search for search engine session id. Or you know little about session ids, and you know that you need to use something called mod_rewrite. Go to a search engine and search for mod_rewrite or mod rewrite.

Google Webmaster Pages
You can find them at the following URLs.
· Google Webmaster Guidelines:
· Google Informatin for Webmasters FAQ:

Inktomi's FAQs
Inktomi also provides information about its likes and dislikes. It's importance is due to the fact that it is the system that provides search results to MSN and will be providing search results to Yahoo! Soon.
· Inktomi Web Search FAQ:
· Inktomi Content Policy FAQ:

AlltheWeb FAQs
It is one of the world's largest indexes and it may soon provide search results to yahoo!
· Webmasters' FAQ:
· Crawler FAQ:

AltaVista's FAQ
This is owned by Yahoo! Altavista's Adding & Removing URLs FAQ answers lots of answers from "Why doesn't my URL appear in your index?" to "How deep do you go on a Website?"

MSN's SEO Tips
You can find information about optimizing pages for submission to MSN at www. At the time of writing ,MSN was using search results from inktomi. By the time you you read this, MSN may have dumped Inktomi, so this page may have gone or, perhaps may be related to the new MSN index.

Teoma/Ask Jeeves' FAQ
You can find out what Taeoma/AskJeeves thinks in its site submit program FAQ (

Search Engine Watch
The search engine watch gives a great way to keep up with what's going on in the search engine world. This site provides a ton of information about a very wide range of subjects related not only to search engine optimization, but also the flip of the coin; subjects related to searching online. Its greatest weakness is that it provides so much information; its really intended for search engine optimization experts, rather than the average webmaster or site manager. The site is divided into a free area and a paid subscription area.

Google's Newsgroups
Google hosts a newsgroup that is widely distributed across the Internet through many newsgroup services. If you know how to use newsgroups - if you already have a newsreader - check to see if your provider subcribes to if not ask if they will. Or read the newsgroup through Google Groups, a free, Web based newsgroup distribution service provided by Google itself.

Webmaster World
Webmaster World ( is a very good discussion group, with many knowledgeable people. It's cost $89 for six months or $150 for a year.

Pandia Search Central ( is a great resource site with information about search engines, from how to use a search engine to how to rank well. The site also provides tutorials and links to all sorts of useful sites.
A huge amount of information is available at in about three dozen discussion groups, from those related to general search engine information, such as link popularity and page content, to those dedicated to specific search systems.
Hosted by a search engine optimization consultant, is a pretty busy forum with discussions covering a wide range of subjects. Check it out at

The Yahoo! Search Engine Optimization Resources Category
This is a good place to find a variety of resources related to search engine optimization: companies, online services, information resources and so on. Check it out at:

The Open Directory Project Search Categories:
It has a number of useful search categories:

You might also visit , where you can find forums hosted by Open directory Project editors who may be able to help you.

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